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IMPROVED RURAL SUPPORT TRUST (IRUSUT) is a Non-governmental organisation

which aims to eradicate rural poverty. The purpose of the Organisation is to provide a rural poverty eradication support that will be capable in running poverty eradication facilities, including training, service, and financial assistance to individuals and groups.

IRUSUT aims to work all over Tanzania but at this initial stage We will be confined to Simanjiro District and we will expand gradually as we succeed in implementing our objectives.

Many youths who were not able to continue with higher education are roaming in streets with no employment. IRUSUT sees that by giving these youths knowledge and know-how will create self employment opportunities.

 IRUSUT sees that the primary way to eradicate poverty is to give knowledge to rural communities which include youths, women and petty traders.

By giving them knowledge and know-how, will eventually give them a reason to be self reliant and run his/her own businesses confidently.

Establishing a community library will enable people to sharpen their knowledge and refer to books, films that are related to their business,

Renewable energy like solar power, water harvesting and improved ways of herding and farming will reduce the destruction of environment and the community will preserve their environment by using the techniques that IRUSUT will provide them.

The following table is an initial work plan that IRUSUT plans to implement.