VISION. We envision establishing a knowledgeable community through quality education that promotes economic empowerment and improve livelihood for pastoralists and agro pastoralists in northern Tanzania.

MISSION: To strengthen community capability by offering improved communication and training efforts. This includes radio broadcasting programmes and training to improve social welfare and use of renewable energy

Improve Learning Capacity in Rural Schools

Install a school solar energy system in rural boarding schools, supply learning materials and games. This will give children marale in attending school and will help to be physically and mentally fit

RUCOSUO’s Completed and Future Projects

All of RUCOSUO’s completed and future projects can be seen in the interactive map below. Yellow pins show completed projects, while all other pins show upcoming projects: blue pins are schools, red are health clinics, purple are women and youth centers, and orange show towns with multiple types of installations. Feel free to click on each pin to see pictures from completed projects, as well as a link to more information on its environmental, economic, and social impacts.